Specific Questions

Our staff are dedicated to the philosophy of person-centred care that underpins the provision of our service. Staff are tasked with ensuring our residents' medical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are met on a daily basis. This is seen, felt and heard from all staff members who work from the heart, making sure a real connection to the people who reside in the homes. We provide a professional service within a clean, warm and comfortable environment and liaise regularly with general practitioners and CQC - ensuring the highest standards are met and continually maintained.

Some of our staff have worked in our homes for over 15 years. We employ a mix of experienced care providers alongside newer staff who are making their way in the care industry. However our person-centred philosophy ensures all our established members of staff know the residents well and are friendly, supportive and respectful at all times. We always ensure experienced members of staff are on-hand to help out junior members of staff, and employ recognised training methodologies that ensure staff members are qualified.

Dunley Hall continually strive to ensure our members of staff are well trained and well organised in their duties. We employ a training company that ensures that all members are staff are trained to current CQC standards, we also employ a CQC approved training matrix that monitors each individual staff members' training plan. With a number of training requirements mandated for our industry, we are obliged to ensure all our staff members meet the criteria set by CQC.

All our residents are looked after with care and compassion while encouraging independence. Our care plans are person-centred so that each resident is able to recognise and develop their own strengths and abilities so that they can lead an independent and fulfilling life. Our staff members understand that each resident requires their privacy, modesty, and own choices. By providing an environment that ensures this, each of our residents can live their lives in dignity.

At Dunley Hall we adhere to CQC's standards for care homes. Each resident and their family can expect to be respected, involved and told what is happening at every stage of care. Residents can expect care, treatment and support that meets their needs, they can expect to be safe and to be cared for by staff with the right skills to do their jobs properly. We also ensure that our quality of service is reviewed on an on-going basis. These regulations are enforceable by law - CQC can enforce fines, public warnings, or even suspend or close a service if they believe people's basic rights or safety are at risk.

Each resident and their family can expect to be respected, involved and told what is happening at every stage of care. We understand that families will want to be included in any conversations about planning future care. General practioners and nurses visit our residents on a regular basis, we ensure that families are kept informed of any treatments and that our residents understand their own treatments. The intended outcome is that sensible decisions on any treatment are made based on patient and/or family wishes. Our staff members are well-trained and highly experienced and can offer practical advice on dementia, terminal illness and bereavement.

Our person-centred philosophy also ensures that each resident continues to lead a fulfilling and dignified life, by maintaining their autonomy and individuality. We understand that it is essential that our resident's self-esteem and the ability to express themselves ensures a high quality of life during their stay with us. Staff take time to talk to residents so that we never fail to take their needs and wishes into account, for example those who wish to feed themselves are encouraged to do so. Privacy is maintained at all times with staff respecting both physical and emotional needs.

Each resident has their own care plan that is updated and monitored on a reqular basis. These care plans map-out the needs of each resident and our staff members ensure they are continually updated and never go out of date.

Dunley Hall provides a variety of leisure and social activities that encompass our residents' needs. A number of entertainers are invited into our homes on a regular basis, including musical entertainment, reminiscence sessions, walks and knitting circles. We also organise day trips to leisure facilities and places of interest. Staff are also encouraged to engage with residents throughout the day.

Each of our homes offers a choice of nutritional and tasty food catered to our residents and all our meat is sourced from local butchers. Mealtimes are central to our residential care and therefore a social and enjoyable time of the day. However, we believe that this isn't something that should be talked about, better that you should book an appointment to view one of our homes and ask for a taste of the food on offer.

Dunley Hall provide a clean, bright and hygienic environment that is cleaned on a daily basis. We offer single or double bedrooms with a variety of decoration and furnishings, each with individual bathrooms. Our buildings are well maintained by a dedicated team of maintenance experts.